MOZ 4D Mirrored
World Blockchain Platform

Dreaming of an on-life world where boundaries between online and offline break down
with Decentralized Platform

MOZ About is

Window Shopping enjoyed in the Real World

Providing non-face-to-face 4D shopping space information that will replace the current real world we live in and reliable retail information based on blockchain.

Moz is a building centered non-face-to-face realism spatial information platform.
It is open to the public and combines with VR, AR, IoT, and AI, as if you were in the actual field.
It will develop into a service where everyone can enjoy realistic window shopping.

  • Blockchain Mainnet Fiscal Decentralization Spatial Information

    A Fiscal Decentralized Nod where Moz System
    and App meets to converge on/offline which
    makes Moz unique in its accomplishment

  • Proof Location Blockchain Global Standard Proof
    of Location

    Just like online phishing sites To prevent
    damages by malicious forces Through
    on/offline verification ensure security

  • Mirrored World Intelligent 4D Spatial Information

    A blockchain-based tokenized incentive and
    transaction ecosystem must be created to
    experience virtual shopping.



Moz Decentralization Spatial Information Platform
Our efforts and progress are being inputted to make this real in the Real World


When a New Partner joins, relevant token is automatically
included in the Multi E-Wallet.

Google Play Available on the App Store


For the maintenance and development of the Moz ecosystem,
there are two types It consists of tokens of the ERC20 series.

  • Moz Coin (MOZC)Moz Coin is a coin for Payment Transaction
    of the Platform

    It will be used for advertising and product trading
    within the Moz platform ecosystem, and will be
    listed on an external exchange.


Notice & News
Consultation and announcements unified through Telegram
  • Views : 203
  • Date : 2024.01.05
For real-time notices and consultations, we unify it through Telegram.
Please do not post important personal information publicly.

If you post the contents of your consultation request, we will confirm it.
We provide open consultation for parts that can be disclosed, and if important personal
information is included, we provide one-on-one consultation.

We will provide consultation. Moz is at the crossroads of many changes in the future.
We hope that the long wait will be worth it and that you will give us your generous interest
and support for the successful development of Moz.
We ask for your understanding for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you

Moz Telegram

-From the MOZ team-
Moz Coin listing announcement on January 9, 2024
  • Views : 87
  • Date : 2023.12.26
Moz Coin's listing has been confirmed on January 9, 2024.
For more details, please check the official Telegram channel.
Listing confirmed on two global exchanges
  • Views : 87
  • Date : 2023.11.29
Exchange listing confirmed!! Listing on two exchanges, Coinsbit

has been confirmed.
Trading is scheduled to open on the exchange starting December 10th after a three-week
token sale event hosted by the IEO (Launchpad), i.e. the exchange.
Further details will be announced further.

Moz Coin (MOZC) is listed on WowPax exchange as Korean Won Currency Market
  • Views : 283
  • Date : 2021.03.16
Transaction Channels: PC Web, Mobile [Moz Coin (MOZC)] 1 Introduction: The Moz platform is a platform where everyone can enjoy both online and offline shopping services by implementing
the same real shopping mall in the virtual world.
All data on the Moz platform is open and combined with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and aritificial
intelligence (AI) as if you were in the field.
Virtual shopping will be enjoyable because mirror world shopping spatial information platform is being developed

Wowfax Exchange website :
Guide to using Moz Channel Talk and All Sign Services for Open Communication
  • Views : 23
  • Date : 2021.01.28
In order to communicate smoothly with all participants in the Moz ecosystem, various open rooms have been opened on
Channel Talk to suit the roles of participants.In the future, Moz project team members and Moz investors will communicate
openly through Moz Channel Talk.For more details and application, please apply through the channel talk icon at the
bottom of this site.In addition, Moz plans to legally protect the rights of participants by conducting all contracts through
a signed site that conforms to the Electronic Signature Act.

Channel website :
Moodo sign website :
Will guide through using the dedicated library for Moz Investors
  • Views : 76
  • Date : 2021.01.27
We have opened a library for investors who want detailed information about the Moz platform.In the future, all materials
related to Moz will be updated in the relevant library.
The library will contain various planning materials, video materials, newspaper articles, etc. created by our team members
based on the Moz white paper and the Moz service introduction.

Archive address :
Long time prepared Moz Platform site is finally here
  • Views : 213
  • Date : 2021.01.25
The Moz platform has made a strong start for immersive non-face-to-face virtual shopping.
Moz system development has been completed so far , Moz Wallet launch, camera introduction for 4D content production,
etc. A lot of things went by quickly.
In the future, our project team members will do their best to complete the remaining tasks of the Moz platform.
Thank you for your interest and support.
MOZ Platform
It is a blockchain-based non-face-to-face
spatial information Platform
The main components of the Moz Platform are divided into
Moz System, Moz App, and Moz Wallet
MOZ System
Offline Blockchain Main Node System
The Moz system is installed in various places as the Blockchain Main Node,
and collects all information data of that place and registers it in the Blockchain
Mobile App for Non-face-to-face spatial information experience
The Moz App is a hybrid type that combines a mobile app function for clients
that is linked with the Moz system in real time and a Dapp function connected to a smart contract
MOZ Wallet
Moz Wallet is a Multi-E-Wallet for Authentication and trading Moz Ecosystem Assets
As a Multi-E-Wallet, when participating in a new project of the Moz Platform,
corresponding token is automatically included and can be freely exchanged.


Our team members who will lead MOZ
We can progress forward and achieve our goals

  • Lee Won Seok
    Strategic Plan Leader
    1. Current) CEO of Block Labs
    2. Samsung Electronics/SK Broadband
    3. Kyung Hee University, Electronic Engineer
  • Kim Joo Hyung
    Marketing Director
    1. Current) Block Labs CFO
    2. Hyundai Electronics
    3. Nanodis Co., Ltd
  • Choi Yun Chol
    CEO & Art Director
    1. Current) DGiant CEO
    2. Prior) Flur Art Director
    3. Kaywon College of Art and Design, Graphic Design
  • Kim Hak Woo
    Marketing Director
    1. Current) VR Labs CEO
    2. Current) Stellite CEO
    3. Prior) Blobs Market Director
  • Song Jung Gyu
    Development Leader
    1. Current) Tedding CEO
    2. Prior) Taejin (Payment System Division)
    3. Prior) JCC (Director of Station Automation Development)
  • Kim Min Woo
    Development Leader
    1. Current) Blict CEO
    2. Prior) Samsung SDS development team leader
    3. Prior) Yonsei University Major in Architectural Engineering
  • Park Young Sung
    CEO & Advisor
    1. Current) Doowon 21 CEO
    2. Current) Auditor of Korean Peninsula Environment Movement Federation Headquarters
    3. Prior) Monthly Four Consumer Publisher
  • Oh Tae Ho
    Marketing Director
    1. Current) TS Co., Ltd CEO
    2. Prior) Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Research Center
    3. Prior) Samsung Electronics Singapore Resident


We would like to introduce our friends who have been
with us up to this moment. We will do our best to provide
perfect Moz system service in near future

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